The Bible

We believe the Bible is the true, accurate word of God. The Bible is without error and is God’s authoritative word. From the Bible we learn about God, salvation from sin through Christ, as well as how to live, serve, and honor Christ. The Bible is our standard for values such as marriage and family, sanctity of life, sexuality, loving and relating to all people, and other moral issues we may encounter.

Christian Service

The Bible teaches us we are to serve Christ by being his witnesses everywhere we go. That includes teaching the truths of Christ by instructing people in how to live for and follow Christ as well as being prepared to tell someone how to receive forgiveness of sin and know Christ as Savior. We desire to be the best neighbor we can be to our community without compromising God’s Biblical truths. Some of the ways we do that are through helping ministries, caring ministries, and teaching ministries.

Christians and Culture

Jesus instructed his followers to be “Salt and Light,” people of influence in our culture. He also told us that society had hated Him because he confronted it with God’s truths, and it would likely resent us when we stand for those truths. But we are to be loyal to Him even when culture resents us. Jesus also tells us we are to extend his love and care to the people who resent his truths. We are to pray for them as Jesus prayed for those who hated Him.